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What My Clients Say

This family said their pups could give their own testimonial!

  •  Our golden retriever, Rosie, is a sweet dog but she has significant anxiety and fear.  Having a special needs dog has been both challenging and rewarding.  One of the challenges we faced was figuring out who, if anyone, would take care of Rosie if we wanted/needed to go out of town.  Here entered one of the rewards.  Since having Rosie, we have met several amazing people within the dog training/care world who have helped us with Rosie.  One of those amazing people is Laura Young.  Our initial goal with Laura was to work with her so that we could eventually go on a special trip that was 10 days long.  For several months, Laura spent increasing amounts of time with Rosie.  When it became apparent that Rosie couldn't handle staying at Laura's house, Laura willing stayed at our house with Rosie (and still does).  At first, Rosie wasn't too sure about staying with this stranger.  One night early on, she woke up and got very agitated in her crate.  Laura's solution: sing to Rosie!  It worked.  What other pet sitter does this!  Laura also called into a teleconference with our vetinerary behaviorist.  By the time we got to our big trip, Rosie and Laura were good friends and Rosie did great.  We have since gone on other trips and have been able to enjoy time with family and friends.   Laura does so much to elevate her pet sitting services to a level of excellence.  She is knowledgeable about animal behavior, she has many great toys to provide fun and enrichment, she administers medications (Rosie has quite a  complex medication regimen), she sends pictures, videos and text messages while you are gone, she takes your dog on many walking adventures (and  knows how to walk a reactive dog), she has been known to bring some yummy, healthy treats, and she loves and cares for the pet as if it were her own.  Pets that get to stay with Laura have hit the lottery.  We are so lucky to have Laura as part of Team Rosie.  ~Carolyn and Pete 

  • Laura is all heart, thoughtful, empathetic, and really makes dogs feel like gold star guests! I trusted her with my special needs dog and his brother.  From the moment  I started receiving updates and photos/videos, I knew I had met a rare soul. Laura is committed to giving dogs a safe, enjoyable stay par none. She attended to my special needs dog with compassion for his difficult days and pure joy for his good days! I thought I was the only one who had those feelings for him. I feel so lucky that my dogs led me to Laura and Scott.  What a blessing! ~Bobbi

  • Laura has been an amazing sitter with Maddie since I adopted her almost two and a half years ago. She cooks for her, takes her on extended walks in the woods (Maddie’s favorite) and when my dad was quite ill Laura rearranged her schedule with the help of her clients to make sure Maddie could stay with her during the most difficult times so that I could focus on his care up until he passed. I will forever be grateful for her assistance during that difficult time and for the wonderful care she gives Maddie. ~Gloria

  • I followed Laura's blog for a year prior to hiring her and from her stories and pictures, I knew she understood all types of dogs. She is extremely experienced and has all dog amenities in her house, including dog puzzles! I invited her to join us for pack walks and within the first few visits, Pearl, a JRT mix rescue who is shy with new people, ran up to Laura, licked her face and head, and accepted her into the pack. I delighted on vacation to see the pictures and videos of my little girl having a great time with Laura and Scott. She warmed up to Scott fairly quickly and I have videos of her running up to greet him when he comes home. My husband and I are so happy with Laura that we coordinate our vacation around Laura's schedule. She is worth it. Laura also watches my sister's dog Shelly, a very affectionate and accepting puppy (opposite of Pearl). She has both hosted and gone to my mom's to take care of Shelly. I can honestly say, she is a trusted extension of our family to watch our fur babies and I continue to recommend her to anybody that asks. Both your house and dog(s) are in good hands with Laura Young!  ~Ada R

  • Laura Young is nothing short of amazing. She has watched our dogs several times in our own home when we have been away on vacation. Our two small dogs connected with Laura instantly, just as we did. She sent daily updates and videos that reassured us that all was well at home. She genuinely cares for our dogs as if they were her own. If you are looking for someone responsible and caring to watch your pets and/or home when you are away, look no further. ~ Jan

  • Laura is a fantastic pet sitter! She (with her husband Scott) has taken care of my dogs on numerous occasions, in their home and in mine. She has a genuine love for her doggie friends and customizes her care to meet the needs of each individual pet. She has gone above and beyond when taking care of my special needs dog with physical limitations and my dog with anxiety and separation issues. She is extremely knowledgeable about dogs, very dependable, and beyond trustworthy, and so, she is in high demand. Grab her while you can, you won't be disappointed! ~Michelle

  • I have a very sweet, but fearful dog with massive allergies and unusual food requirements. I was thrilled when I found Laura who was the perfect fit for my sensitive boy. She was kind, patient, caring and he immediately trusted her! She was able to work on his fears daily with positive techniques and gave me recaps along with pictures. She had no issues giving him the special diet and medication that he was on at the time. It was because of how much we trust Laura with our boy that we were able to take a vacation for the first time in 7 years!! ~Jill

  • Laura is the most caring person in the world for our dog Sadie! She has stayed in our home with her husband on several occasions as we have traveled and has consistently provided loving care for our dog. She is very tidy and makes sure Sadie has everything in place with her routine, so it as if we are not even away from her. Would highly recommend Laura! ~ Laura F.

  • ​I was nervous the first time I needed to find someone to take care of my fur-baby. He is the love of my life and my first dog.  He was 9 when we got him so I am super protective. Long story short, after meeting Laura and Scott, my dog went to her IMMEDIATELY, like they were long lost friends and it's been a walk in the park ever since. Laura has stayed at our house, Peyton has stayed at her house and I don't worry for one second when he's with her. When I went to pick him up the last time he actually stood on the porch looking at the door and the car as if to say ... hmmmm, not sure I want to leave here! Laura is BEST and I would recommend her 100% without a moments hesitation. You will be luck to have her watch your fur-baby. ~Marilyn

  • Laura is one of the few people I trust to take care of my pets in my absence. She is extremely knowledgeable about animal behavior and goes above and beyond to ensure my pets are happy and safe while I am away. My house is usually cleaner than I left it, and my dogs don't even seem to mind I left. The extra time and care she provides is priceless!!! I highly recommend Laura for all of your home and pet sitting needs! ~Stephanie

  • Laura was a recommendation from my older daughter. Laura sits my Shelly (wired hair Dachshund) and she is a wonderful person. She is very loving with the pets and she treats them with such care. While away, she takes videos of Shelly throughout the day to share with us so I like that constant communication. When I am going to be away for a while, she comes over to my house and stays with Shelly. I totally trust her, I trust her so much that she even has the key to my house. Shelly loves to stay at her house overnight. I highly recommend Laura. Whether she watches your pet at her house or yours, rest assure that your pet will be well taken care off. Give her a try, you will not be disappointed. ~Ada C

  • My dog, Hazel spends 2-3 weeks at a time with Laura and Scott. Hazel is a very sensitive soul. Laura did a great job helping Hazel become comfortable prior to her first long stay. Hazel's comfort was her priority. Laura is one of the most caring people you will ever meet. I was able to go on vacation knowing my girl would be well cared for and loved. All I had to do was miss her. ~Dianne

  • Laura is an incredibly wise and sensitive animal lover. She takes the time to learn all about each pet's unique needs and personality. If your dog has special needs, do not worry. Laura will work with them in any way necessary. We would trust very few people with our furry family members but I never worry when Laura is sitting. Finnegan has issues with anxiety and reactivity to other dogs. She is so patient with him. She updates us and sends us pictures. She cares about how the pets she is sitting adjust to being apart from their family. She has taken the time to learn a great deal about animal behavior and body language. She treats every pet like her own. Scott also does whatever is needed to make a pet comfortable. Finnegan loves his Uncle Scott. ~Cassandra

  • As a "dog mom" I'm in heaven when my English cocker gets to spend time with Laura. Tucker loves lots of attention and walks. Tucker loves positive voices and having his belly rubbed. And that's exactly what he gets at Laura's. People struggle to get on her calendar for pet sitting. Any family would be lucky to have Laura tend to their dog or cat. Go for it! You won't be disappointed with Laura! ~Lee

  • Laura is the most wonderful and caring person with all of our pets. They love spending time with her! The best part is knowing how happy they are when I leave...and not worrying about them in the least...priceless!!! ~Linda

  • We've used many pet sitters in the past, but Laura is always our 'go-to, preferred sitter' when we need someone to look after Amy. The comfort we feel from knowing that our little girl is loved and cared for while we're gone makes Laura the perfect solution for us. ~Mike

  • 5 GOLD STAR RATING! Laura is an above average pet sitter in every way. Laura takes care of every detail - clean house with lots of cozy places for your dog to get comfortable - including her bed! Long walks, quiet music, loads of toys, love and attention. Laura has educated herself in all things canine and your dog will have the best stay ever! ~Susan

  • Laura has cared for my reactive pointer both in her home and in mine. Laura and her husband Scott are both thoughtful, caring, responsible and amazingly knowledgeable of dogs and their behavior. Laura has worked extensively with rescues and A Sound Beginning Program and readily applies positive methods to ease the transition experienced by my dog as she met and stayed with new people. I trust Laura and her husband completely and appreciate the wonderful communication before, during and after my dog's stays with them. I would highly recommend them as dog/house sitters. You will want them back again and again! ~Tina

  •  Laura has stayed with our Jack Russell Terrier (in our home) for several times over the last 3 years, sometimes for more than a week. I can leave home with no worries because I know Laura is dependable and resourceful...and my dog, Giro, loves her. He gets lots of cuddles, exercise, and attention. I would trust Laura with my pets and my home at any time!! ~ Mary Ellen

  • I have known Laura from various rescue and dog advocate groups for a few years. Recently I had to find a new sitter for my dog, Juliet. Her previous sitter was no longer available. I trusted Laura and knew she was a professional dog sitter, so I left Juliet - FOR THE FIRST TIME IN NINE YEARS - with a sitter at a sitter's home. In the past Juliet was able to stay home while a friend stayed here with her. I was so nervous about leaving her. About ten days prior to my departure, we had a "meet and greet." Juliet was able to scope the place out, which made it easier on drop-off day. She immediately fell in love with Laura's husband ( A SAINT, LOL) and quickly he became her "boyfriend". Laura had special homemade chicken broth she put with Juliet's regular food - this helped calm Juliet down, as this was a first-time experience for her. Blankets and soft couches are EVERYWHERE (and I mean EVERYWHERE). Juliet was the only guest - something Laura arranges and I LOVE this. Laura kept me updated with frequent photos sent via text - I loved it, it truly set my mind at ease. Laura also found out some things that were new to me, including Juliet enjoying hanging out on Laura's desk! Juliet slept with Laura and her husband and night and had the same run of the house as she does here at home. She is treated like a princess. I truly truly have no worries when I go on vacation. Laura's home is like a five star luxury doggy day care! I can not imagine (and I say this with all sincerity) leaving my girl with ANYONE else. TRUST ME, THIS WOMAN WAS BORN TO CARE FOR DOGS - we love her!!! ~Tracey R

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