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Shangri-Laura has the best slumber parties




                   ...Why choose a kennel when you can have a bed?

Pet parents book with me as much as 18 months ahead of time.

~Having the right care for their pup is that important to them~


Want to know what they know?












Shangri-Laura is the only place a pup can get all of this...


  • EXCLUSIVE CARE: I sit just ONE family at a time so your pet is my ONLY concern. There are no other dogs here. Period. No kids to tend to either. (Have 2 dogs? No problem. Three or more, let's talk about me sitting at your place.)

  • NEARLY 24/7 COMPANY: I specifically plan my life to be home with my pet guests as close to full time as possible. I go days at a time without leaving home. (I might have been a hermit in a past life.)

  • BLANKET STEALING PRIVILEGES: Your pup is used to sleeping in bed? We'll make room!

  • LONG WALKS, SHORT WALKS, ANY TIME OF DAY OR NIGHT (usually 6 or 7 a day!): This quiet neighborhood is next to miles of trails. From long hikes to timid yard investigations, your pup will have a patient pal every step of the way. I've walked at 4:30 in the morning and at midnight. I promise you, no one else would do this for your pup but this neighborhood has EXCELLENT sniffs at those hours so it's worth it to see how much fun they have!

  • ORDERING OFF THE MENU IS EXPECTED: Staying away from home can upset tummies. I have homemade broth and treats to tempt (and I can work with allergies and special diets). And my husband has been known to make heart shapes out of steak trimmings because plating is everything when you have discriminating dinner guests.

  • YUMMY HIGH QUALITY SNACKS: Which you can approve.  Grain free cookies. Organic veggies. Kale, yeah! (Hey, some dogs go crazy for it!)

  • AN AWESOME TOY CHEST: Only American-made toys, clean, inspected and used with supervision.

  • A WIDE ARRAY OF TREAT TOYS, KIBBLE BALLS AND PUZZLES: Old dogs CAN learn new tricks. Enrichment is good for every pup!

  • AROMATHERAPY: Vet-blended calming scents & Sniff-Its from Blue Sky Prairie Textiles (see my Shop).

  • CALMING MUSIC: Composed specifically for dogs for A Sound Beginning (available in my Shop).

  • QUALITY SNUGGLE TIME (and LOTS of it): Did you know some places charge extra for that? It's true!

  • PROFESSIONAL PORTRAIT (complimentary options available)

And it goes without saying that you would receive regular photo and video updates.


  • MASSAGE Lisa von Pechmann, of Paws Here Animal Message, is able to come to my home, or yours, to provide this beneficial service to your pet. She works on many different species.

  • TRAINING Susan Johansen, a skilled trainer who was instrumental in my making dog care the center of my life, is available to do training sessions in my home or yours.

But...do I have experience? 

Do I ever!!

I have dogs here nearly Every. Single. Day.


And...I'm an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY Sitter!

I have cared for puppies to special needs to geriatric pets, including post surgical and end of life, ranging from 4# pocket pups to 90# pumpkin heads. Mellow dogs. Reactive dogs. Busy bees. Couch potatoes. Special diets. You name it...

Interview and Meet & Greet required before first stay.

Some dogs may require partial or full day sits before overnight stays it they are nervous sorts.

CONTACT ME (laura@shangri-laura.com or 630-750-2365) FOR CURRENT RATES AND AVAILABILITY

Exclusive Care, Lovingly Tailored to Your Pet's Needs