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You won't find anyone like me. It's that simple.

I provide the most customized, exclusive, tailored-to-the-pup pet care available in the Chicago suburban area.

What makes Shangri-Laura unique?

For starters, I don't have any pets of my own and sit for just one family at a time. 

That means YOUR pet gets ALL my attention. I'm home full time, in a quiet neighborhood on a wooded acre next to a large forest preserve. This peaceful, relaxed setting, overflowing with dog beds, blankets and toys, is ideal for pets who are accustomed to having lots of attention and for those who may need special care.


I tailor my days to the needs of my guests. Pet guests are treated to a boutique, customized, experience which will include (as appropriate to the needs to the specific dog):

  • Multiple leash walks per day (I do not have a fenced yard but the neighborhood is quiet and the adjoining trail system extensive). For dogs that are shy or have mobility restrictions, our acre has a plethora of interesting sights and scents for their enrichment and we have a short cul du sac to explore. For dogs that like long walks, I have good hiking boots and miles of trails to introduce them to. For reactive dogs, our trails have many 'exit options' and I can walk them at off times to minimize any stress triggers.

  • High quality treats. We can discuss your pet's dietary needs and any customized meal plans needed.

  • USA made toys and chews. Play with shreddable toys is supervised. Toys are inspected before each new stay to ensure all are intact and safe. Puzzle games and treat toys are also used for enrichment. Hide and seek is great fun, too!

  • Dog-friendly music, including music that has been specifically composed to promote canine relaxation.

  • Veterinarian-blended aromatherapy, specifically created to promote canine calm and stress reduction.

  • Furniture and bed privileges with several window seat options.

  • Lovely portraits. As you can clearly see from this site, I pet sit the best looking pets in 7 counties (I checked) so assume I will find it impossible to avoid taking photos of your pet.

  • Regular text and photo updates will be sent to you.

I do not restrict breed and have cared for dogs with a variety of needs. I receive regular referrals from certified trainers, veterinarians and have many connections in the rescue community.

Please be aware: I book up to 2 years in advance so please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to discuss the possibility of having your beloved pet(s) join the Shangri-Laura family.

Pet sitting in your home is also available. Pet sitting in your home is required for 3 or more dogs.

Interview and Meet & Greet required before first stay.

Some dogs may require partial or full day sits before overnight stays it they are nervous sorts, or have behavioral issues requiring acclimation time before a longer stay.

logo-pet-cpr.png  (630) 750-2365
West Chicago, IL

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